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Pop Tabs for Ronald McDonald House

4th graders in Mr.Hayes class have been working hard on collecting pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House.  In the small picture, they are collecting for their classroom team to earn points.  The teams are given points for various things with the idea of classroom management and teamwork.  One of those team points is for the team that collects the most tabs within the week.  The team with the most points at the end of the month, earns a prize.
In the bigger picture, students know and understand these tabs are going to the Ronald McDonald House to help out families in need.  We have discussed the idea of Paying It Forward and that we should always be willing to help out whenever/however we can, every little bit helps.
With this in mind, we are now reaching out asking that if anyone is willing to help out.  We would greatly appreciate it.  Tabs can either be given to one of my students to help out their team or donated directly to my classroom.Thank you very much for considering.
Mr. Hayes