Welcome back to School!

Welcome back from Dr. Bret Schroder!

English: https://5il.co/21f8z
Spanish: https://5il.co/21f90

Welcome back to Schuyler Elementary School!

English & Spanish: https://5il.co/21cqi

Welcome back to Schuyler Middle School!

English: https://5il.co/211aw
Spanish: https://5il.co/211ax
Mr. Banahan: https://5il.co/21hqs

Welcome back to Schuyler Central High School!


Welcome back to Fishers, Richland and Dual Language!

Fishers: https://5il.co/21hn3
Richland: https://5il.co/21hn2
DL: https://5il.co/21hn1

Start of School info: https://5il.co/21hoi