April Becker is our school psychologist. Her wealth of knowledge and rapport with students and staff makes her naturally the absolute best fit for SCS! April's primary focus as our school psychological services is to provide the appropriate assessments when evaluating students, provide interventions for: behavioral, social, emotional, and adaptive skills. She provides consultation and collaborate time with Student Assistance Team, regular education teachers, special education teachers, parents, and administrators to develop an effective plan to meet the needs for each individual student. April's contact information is (402) 352-3527 ext. 816 or april.becker@schuylercommunityschools.org

Pattie Rea is our special education administrative assistant. Her main responsibilities include scheduling all observations and testing, scheduling all MDTs/IFSPs/IEPs and keeping each child's special education file in a current compliant status. Pattie is involved in state reporting, generating spreadsheets after spreadsheets and answering day-to-day questions from our Team Sped! (But her hardest job is making sure that April and I are at the right place at the right time which is not an easy task!)Pattie has won numerous awards for her service to the Schuyler Community School District and all were definitely deserved. Pattie's contact information is (402) 352-3527 ext. 824 or pattie.rea@schuylercommunityschools.org