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  • Now is a good time to confirm the school has the correct number & email so you receive school closing info. 402-352-5514 ext 426 for changes.
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  • Dear Parents,


    For the past two weeks, administration has worked with the police to resolve a cell phone issue at the high school and review the credibility of social media postings. The ongoing investigation determined that the student identified in the false rumor not only never made a threat, but did not have access to weapons. While administration takes all communication seriously, they have worked hard with local police to make sure the high school remained safe.


    With this said, this week, the student identified on social media has been targeted. Students have continued to target this student in the halls and lunch room, resulting in other students feeling unsafe in our school.


    As a result, parents are responding with great concern with this misinformation. The reason for us sharing this information with you is to clarify the situation at the high school and ask for help in keeping this rumor from spreading.


    The district has a safety plan that outlines safety protocol in all schools. This program was developed in conjunction with former Nebraska Homeland Security and State Patrol Representatives. In addition, the district goes to great length to provide filters and screening of the Internet, however, it is difficult to track cell phone use and the use of all social media platforms.


    While we do our best to work internally, the use of social media has created a situation we felt was necessary to explain the ongoing incidents in greater detail and create a legal response to inform parents while keeping all students rights intact. If you have further questions or concerns, please visit with your administration.


    Thank you for your help in making sure you do your part to be vigilant supporters of school safety and ensure a safe and orderly environment within our school.




    Dr. Dan Hoesing, Supt.

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  • An email was sent to SCHS parents 9/13/19 clarifying a recent incident. Didn't receive email? email
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